What jewellery is trending in 2024?

What jewellery is trending in 2024?

Jewellery trends are always fun to study. They are there to inspire you, help you find renewed love for old pieces in the jewellery box, but ultimately you should always wear and buy jewellery that you love, jewellery that makes you feel special and uplifts you, that reflects who you are and makes you feel connected to the people and places you love. So, I hope you will feel inspired : )

Jewellery trends in 2024

The jewellery trends in 2024 can be summed up as a fascinating mix of bold statement pieces and personalised touches, these trends seem to reflect our yearning for nostalgia, appreciation of innovation, and desire to express ourselves. There are 7 key trends:

  • Bold chunky chains remain hot 
  • Pearls are here to stay, but with a twist
  • Charms and amulets are having a revival
  • Continued love for artisanal and handcrafted pieces
  • Bows are big
  • Make a statement earring 
  • Sustainability and ethically made jewellery just keeps getting bigger

Bold Chains

    Chunky chain gold necklace with a hammered texture, modelled with a black bikini top against sun kissed skin

    The RAW Sisterhood Necklace

    Chains continue to dominate the jewellery scene in 2024, with an even bigger focus on oversized, chunky designs that make a statement. Chunky chains easily transition you from day to night wear, and add an edge to any outfit​​​​. 

    A chunky chain you can wear solo, or layered, you can go mob wife with your faux fur and big sunnies, or go streetwear style with a chunky chain and a T-shirt. Chunky chains also look stunning with classic work suits. 

    A statement chain is a must have in your jewellery box in my view as it offers you so much versatility. Go for textured chains, if you love the reflection of metal in the light.

    Pearls with a Twist

    Baroque Pearl Choker necklace modelled against sunkissed skin

    The RAW Baroque Pearl Choker Necklace

    I am so happy to see that pearls are here to stay in 2024. If you have known me for a bit, you know that I looooooove pearls. 

    The pearl trend for 2024 is ‘pearls reinvented’. Think irregular shapes like baroque pearls and keshi pearls, coloured pearls, and unique settings that break away from traditional more old school pearl jewellery. This trend is about reimagining classic elegance with a contemporary touch​​​​.

    One classic element that is staying in 2024 though, when it comes to pearls, is the pearl choker. Pearl chokers are here to stay, especially the larger sized pearl chokers. Go for baroque, keshi or round pearls, choose a pearl that speaks to you and then wear it with everything, jeans, trainers, chunky knit etc. Use the pearl choker as a feminine contrast to your normal clothes, it is such an easy and fun way to play with contrasts.

    If you want to learn more about pearls, then check out my pearl guide here.

    Charms and Amulets

    Textured Tag Pendant necklace in gold vermeil from RAW Copenhagen

    The RAW Tag Dune Pendant Necklace in Gold Vermeil

    Personalisation is big in 2024, with charms and amulets gaining popularity. These pieces allow for individual expression and hold personal significance, making them more than just fashion statements​​​​. 

    It can be an heirloom piece on a chain, an amulet from a holiday etc. Your initial or anything seashell related is also big in 2024. 

    Don’t you just love this jewellery trend? It signifies what jewellery is all about, namely wearing pieces that make you feel connected.


    Artisanal and Handcrafted Pieces

    Handmade Jewellery in the making a the RAW Studio, image shows a hand holding lots of freshwater pearls over a beading tray

    Jewellery in the making at the RAW Studio, made with artisan sought gemstones and freshwater pearls from family run farms

    There's a growing appreciation for artisanal and handcrafted jewellery, highlighting the beauty of imperfections and the uniqueness of each piece. This trend celebrates craftsmanship and the story behind the jewellery​​​. 

    Perfect imperfection is something many of us cherish in the people we love, as well as in designs made by artisans. Design and gems that are and have been super perfected are often also made in multitudes and often by machines, so the fact that we wear jewellery pieces that are unique beautifully reflects us as people, as we are all truly one of a kind.

    Beautiful Bows

    Image of big velvet hair bow and pearl jewellery resting on Athena Calderones book life is beautiful

    Hairbow and pearl jewellery pieces from RAW

    Bows are not reserved for big hair bows as perfected by Sarah Jessica Parker. Bows are here to stay in 2024, not least when it comes to jewellery. 

    The bow represents femininity, but also youthful flirtation and childhood nostalgia, so it’s easy to see the attraction. Bows in jewellery are either made in metal with pearls or gems, or simply made of a big silk bow with gemstones on it. 

    Are you a bow person? Personally I love the idea of a bow and what it represents, but I am still undecided in praxis.


    Stand out earring or Earrings

    Baroque pearl earrings from RAW Copenhagen, made with big pearl and textured gold hoop, modelled from the side on sun kissed skin against long blond hair

    The RAW Baroque Pearl Earrings 

    Valentino and Gucci to name a few are pushing this trend of wearing just one eye-catching earring, but many other fashion houses are pushing a similar trend. If wearing just one earring makes you feel out of balance, then have fun with an asymmetrical pair of earrings. 

    If you have two pairs of pearl earrings in your jewellery box, mix a stud or small drop pearl earring in one ear with a baroque pearl and threader pearl earrings in the other.  

    I love the individuality and playfulness behind this trend, and am thinking I need to make some asymmetrical and mismatched earrings again, because they are simply just fun and little different, and add a unique element to your look.

    If mismatched is not your thing then the other big earring trend in 2024 is BIG hoops, and who doesn’t love a girly pair of hoops? 

    Sustainable and Ethical Options

    Eco-silver wrap bracelet modelled on tanned wrist resting on legs in the sun

    The RAW ECO-silver wrap bracelet with ethically sourced sapphires from Australia, one of the design that started RAW

    I am so happy to see that sustainability and ethical practices are becoming increasingly important in the jewellery industry. 

    This trend towards sustainable and ethical jewellery reflects consumer’s desire to wear and gift jewellery pieces that are not only beautiful but also responsibly sourced and produced, and hold a beautiful story onto itself​​​​. This is a particularly big trend when it comes to wedding jewellery and wedding rings in particular.

    When I started out, I had to import most of my silver from America in order to get recycled silver, as there was limited supply here in the UK, admittedly shipping it from the US to the UK wasn't ideal, but less polluting than extracting new silver. Now, there is a BIG demand for recycled and fair mined silver and gold in the UK, so suppliers are getting more on the ball, which makes it easier also for small jewellers to source ethically locally within the UK. Yeahhh. 

    Take away from the 2024 Jewellery trends

    The jewellery trends this year reflect a desire for more personal and unique designs, whether it is statement pieces or more unique in their imperfection and rarity. This trend is coupled with a desire for modern classics like the pearl choker and amulet necklaces which is rooted in a desire to express our individuality and personality mixed with the wish to stay connected  by honouring the past whilst embracing innovation in modern life.

    Now, head over to your jewellery box and feel inspired

    Lots of love

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