2023 Jewellery Trends - The Top 9 Trends to Look Out For

2023 Jewellery Trends - The Top 9 Trends to Look Out For
January is the time for trend predictions. So here is your list of the 2023 jewellery trends with the top 9 trends to look out for.
I have read all the big magazines' trend reports for you, like Elle, Vogue, Harper's Bazar, Tatler etc, and one thing is key to all these style reports. Statement jewellery is the thing of 2023.
All things big is cool this year. Think chunky collar chain necklaces. Big, bold cuffs. Big pearls. Long shoulder kissing earrings. Emerald green gemstones. Big puffy heart pendants. And, then there is the renaissance of statement Sterling silver jewellery.
These statement pieces will add a touch of luxury and individualism to any outfit.
To be honest, I am not keen on trends dictating what we wear. I am a firm believer in wearing what makes you feel good. Whether you aspire to feel feminine, funky, free, chic or casual.
Trends I see more as a means to inspire you. They can make you find renewed loved for old pieces in the back of your cupboard or buttom of your jewellery box.
But grab a coffee, and let me tell you about the main jewellery trends of 2023. I hope you will feel inspired.

1 Trend. Big Pearls

Pearls continue to be very on popular on the runway. Only in 2023, it is even more chic to go big, and go for more unusual pearl designs.
Big pearls continue to be a big part of the RAW Jewellery Universe. I find pearls to be classic chic and timeless.
The love for pearls as a gem is timeless. Look back at classic art, and you will see women throughout history wearing big beautiful pearls.
If you want to opt for more contemporary pearl designs, then seek out unusual pearl shapes or designs. Big baroque pearls are one of my favourite gems.
You can find some of the most popular baroque pearl designs at RAW by clicking here: the Sisterhood Necklace and Earrings.
The RAW Sisterhood necklace, stunning chunky chain necklace with a big freshwater baroque pearl pendant

2 Trend. Oceanic Jewellery


According to Elle Magazine, mermaid worthy jewellery pieces is the BIG in 2023.
All things oceanic like seashells, starfish, crabs etc cast in gold is hot in 2023.
The love for all things related to the beach and sea, is strong for many of us. We associate the big blue with holiday, freedom, fun and laughter, with fond childhood memories and good times.
If you have followed me for a while, you know that I love the sea, and that it inspires me greatly in my designs.
If you also love the sea, then watch this space. Later this year, I am finally releasing the Memories Collection. A jewellery collections of seashell pendant necklaces and earrings. All the shells pendants and charms are molded from shells that I collected with my children on the coast of Ghana and Denmark. You can see one of the first prototype above.

3 Trend. Long Shoulder Kissing Earrings


Big drop earrings that sway just above your shoulder is one of the biggest jewellery trends of 2023. This trend was listed by all big fashion magazines.
Big earrings can be so feminine and flirtatious, especially if the design is mobile as you move.
Big statement earrings can turn a casual outfit into a seriously chic look.
The big design houses favour statement earrings with big pearls and coloured gemstones.
When buying big earrings, make sure they are not too heavy. They still should feel comfortable to wear. Not be too heavy and make your piercing hole drop.
Check out these big RAW earring designs. All these designs are comfortable to wear. They all have mobility in their design, to make your look more flirtatious and feminine as you walk and talk.
The Sisterhood Earrings are some of the most gorgeous RAW statement earrings



4 Trend. Chunky Collar Chain Necklaces

Jewellery-trends-2023-chunky silver and gold chain necklaces

Short chunky chains remain a big trend in 2023. Again, think of weight here, so you do not get overwhelmed when wearing your design.
Go for a chain style that speaks to you. A chunky chain necklace is a bit of an investment piece, if made from precious metal. That said, chunky chains is a modern classic now, and will never go out of style.
The RAW Sisterhood Necklaces is a perfect example of a chunky chain necklace. It has a lovely stone texture. It is short in length. Perfect for wearing solo, or layered.
The Sisterhood Necklace has a big toggle bar clasp. You can either have the toggle bar in the front as a centre piece. You can also pull the T-bar down, as often seen on Ulla Johnson's jewellery designs. Or, you can put the toggle back in back and have a classic round chunky chain in the front.
More chunky chains will come later this year at RAW.

5 Trend. Big puffy heart Pendant  


Big puffy heart pendants are big in 2023, following along with the overarching statement jewellery trends. Seek out big hearts that are puffy made with gemstones, or made in Sterling silver or gold. This is a design, that is so classic. Due to the size and puffiness of the heart, I think these hearts are funky and cool, rather than just being sweet.


These hearts will make any outfit super cool, check out the RAW Love Necklace featured above here.

6 Trend. Rings: Signet, Pinky and Cocktail Rings


Rings is another trend that all magazines and trend predictor in the UK and Denmark agree upon.
Coctail rings with big colourful stones or big pearls are super trendy in 2023. Likewise are signet as well as pinky rings.
So, if you are a ring lover. 2023 is your year to go OTT with your love for these jewellery piece.

7 Trend. Emerald Green Gemstones


Colourful gemstones is another trends that most fashion magazines agree upon, especially green gems. Harper's Bazar single out emeralds, others focus on the intensity of green in the gemstones, irregardless of the type of gemstones.
Green stones are gorgeous. They suit most skin tones, and their vibrant colour seems to have the ability to lift us up.
You will always finds green gemstones designs at RAW, it is the colour gem that I love to work with the most. Currently I have design in green onyx like the Sardinia Necklace featured above, agate Meteor Threaders, serpentine as used in the Green Goddess Necklace and in the Gold Filled Bellevue Wrap, and angelite Gone Green Designs. Soon you can find the most gorgeous designs with emerald green quartz.

8 Trend. Big and Bold Cuffs

Maximalist arm candy galore. Think 5-10 cm wide, chunky gold, silver and bejewelled leather cuff. Slightly retro funky statement pieces. Choose between organic shaped fluid pieces or stringed minimalist maximalism.

9 Trend. The Renaissance of Silver

Sterling silver jewellery is back. But like with most trends, only follow and be inspired by the ones that speak to you.
To me going for gold or silver is a not only a very personal choice, it is also to some degree influenced by the seasons, and the warmth or glow of our skin tones.
That said the runways for the big fashion house were filled with love for silver for their 2023 collections. Sterling silver statement earrings, cuff and necklaces.
Check out some of the RAW silver designs here, made with ECO-friendly recycled Sterling silver, like the Silver Dunes Necklace featured above.

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