Image of a couple kissing in the water. Read the RAW Copenhagen blog on how to celebrate Valentines Day in 2022
What is your take on Valentines? When I was younger, I really disliked this day, tought it was just too commercial and too pink a thing. However, now I really quite enjoy this day. Valentine's Day is a day for you to remember to show appreciation for the people you love, including yourself : ) 
Showing appreciation can be in the form of a gift, however, there are many other ways to celebrate Valentines, ways that create memories and make you and the people you love feel good. So, here is my top 5 ways to celebrate Valentines in 2022.

1. Celebrate love over a special meal 

Going out on Valentine’s is the classic thing to do; however, I quite like staying in on this day, and include the kids in the celebration of love. If you are single then gather up all your besties, and then the point is to create something that is special. It does not have to be fancy, but just different to what you would normally eat. Create some dishes that tease your and your gang’s  taste buds.

Include everyone in the cooking, it is not supposed to be a stressful day, but a day of hygge and love, so delegate a cooking task to everyone, who is involved. And create something sweet to finish off this little symphony, not least if the kids are involved.
Here is my suggestion for a Valentine's Day menu: 
Grilled eggplant and red pepper roulades with mozarella
Venison steak with fennel  
Heart shaped chocolate layer cake with whipped cream and berries, my kids favourite 

And then accompany it all down with fizzy elderflower and pink champagne 
If you have the space, maybe also eat in a different place to where you normally eat, set up a picnic place by the fire if you have one to create a seriously hyggelig ambience.

Image of champagne the classic perfect way to celebrate love on valentines, but check out the RAW Copenhagen blog post on how to celebrate Valentines Day this year beyond sharing a glass of bubbles


2. Go for a massage 

I don’t know about you, but there isn’t quite anything like a good deep tissue massage to make you feel reborn. Go with your best friend or hubby, if he is up for it: ) not sure mine is, but I am going : )
 Image of deep tissue massage a great way to treat yourself or a loved one for valentines


3. Get out into the open or go for a one night stay somewhere new 

Plan a walk that is pleasing to your aesthetic gene, if you love the sea, go the beach, if you love the countryside, then look for the wide green spaces, or if you fancy a city walk, hop on the strain into town. But make sure, you seek out somewhere new. During lockdown, we have all walked our familiar paths way too much, so seek new horizons to make the walk feel special and like a treat. Alternative go spend the night somewhere new with hubby or girl gang.


 Image of the sea side, go out into the open

4. Dress up big time 

Ok, this may seem silly, or superficial, but I genuinely believe in the power of feeling good by feeling you look good. Put on your all-time favorite dress up outfit, don’t worry about being overdressed. You are celebrating life; can you really overdress for that? 
My go-to-feel food outfit is a pair of high heeled gold sandals, Cecilie Bahnsen or Dissh style puff sleeve black dress and then lots of pearls to light up the room.



Dress up for valentines, there is no such thing as over dressing to celebrate love. Image of modelled RAW Copenhagen pearl jewellery designs

5. Treat yourself and a loved one to a little gift 

Gift giving is the classic order of the day for Valentines; however, a gift can be anything, jewellery, flowers, chocolate and fizz are the classic go-to, which most of us still love. However, gifting an experience is also really cool, and it doesn’t have to be a trip around the world, though let’s face we are all suffering from wanderlust. The gift could also be in the form of a beautifully written thoughtful letter or a poem of appreciation. A gift can be so many things, and as always it is not the size that matters but the thought and personal touch behind the gift that makes people happy. 


Treat yourself or a love one to something special this valentines like a beautiful cultured freshwater pearl necklaces or earring from RAW Copenagen.Image of cultured freshwater pearl jewellery designs by RAW Copenhagen resting on a cotton cloth 

Happy Valentines 

May you have a love filled one 




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